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What is Humans of Wagyu?

We are a community of Wagyu enthusiasts driven by our passion to experience and learn about the secrets behind the Wagyu. A community that celebrates every aspect of the Wagyu experience, with a particular focus on sustainability and traceability.

Humans of Wagyu is unique. It is a worldwide reference for Japanese Wagyu. Humans of Wagyu was born from a desire to inspire and share information with people across the world.

“Our mission is to share stories behind wagyu straight from Japan to the world."
Gui Fagundes
Founder of humans of wagyu
the wagyu experience

What We Do

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s our community grew, we started exporting Wagyu. We now have exported to six different countries, and offer wholesale and retail to the US and EU countries.​ In total we have distributed Wagyu to over 20 countries across the world.

Awesome Features:
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Huge Pack of Components
  • Smooth Animations
  • Friendly Support

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What We Do

01. Share Wagyu Experiences

For many of you who stumbled upon Humans of Wagyu, we started by sharing our Wagyu experience in Japan. We want to help share the stories behind the Wagyu world, from how to eat to the producers.

02. Sell Wagyu Products

From exports to direct distribution in the US and the EU, we offer our Wagyu selection. For exports, we partner with Wagyu farmers directly to share their story to the world.

03. Events & Promotion

We offer services in event planning for Wagyu related events
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