The Universal Wagyu Mark shown on the image was created in 2007 by the Japan Livestock Industry Association. This mark was created to prove the authenticity of the Wagyu beef purchased anywhere in the world.

Japan takes Wagyu quality to a distinct level by registering every single head of purebred Wagyu. After four months of birth, professionals examine each calf, issue documentation with individual identification numbers, and record any abnormalities. 

Following the procedure, if the calves meet the criteria created by the Japan Livestock Industry Association, they receive an Official Wagyu Calf Registration Certification. 


This certification not only shows that the calf is a purebred Wagyu raised in Japan. With the 10 digit number issued on the registration, customers can trace the calf back three generations through a clearly defined pedigree. Please access "Search Service of Individual Identification Information of Cattle"​ on the link below.


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