About Us

Humans of Wagyu is unique. It is a worldwide reference for Japanese Wagyu. Born from a desire to inspire and share with people across the world, the ultimate in steak, Wagyu.

We have created the biggest Japanese Wagyu community in the world. A community that celebrates every aspect of the Wagyu experience, with a particular focus on sustainability and traceability.

Humans of Wagyu works directly with Wagyu suppliers and farmers from around Japan. We only work with the highest quality of Wagyu farmers and can supply to over 45 countries. We provide our customers with direct access to our suppliers and our team in order to answer any questions regarding Wagyu.

Sharing Wagyu to the World

The Founders

Guilherme Fagundes

Raised in Brazil, moved to the US when 15 years old, then to Japan after ten years.  Guilherme fell in love with Wagyu as soon as he stepped foot in Japan. Guilherme wants to share the traceability of the animals with the world and the transparency of restaurants when it comes to what customers experience. As an impact entrepreneur, Guilherme believes people should eat less steak, but when they do, to choose within sustainable and high-quality options.

Seira Mori Fagundes

Seira has always wanted to play a role in creating a sustainable world. Pursuing her studies in Japan, Switzerland, and the United States, she involved herself in works related to sustainability, from a microfinance project in Nepal to a startup developing technologies to safely eliminate nuclear waste.

Together, Guilherme and Seira created Humans of Wagyu to share a sustainable, transparent, and ethical way of raising and consuming beef. When not focused on their businesses, you will find them spending time with their daughter or enjoying their favorite pastime BBQ with friends and family!

Enjoying Wagyu is an experience we encourage you to have

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